42North GIS

I am Carol “Michelle” Ray.  I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Geospatial Information Technology and Remote Sensing at Delta State University in December , 2017.  I earned a BS in Natural Resources Management from Oregon State University in 2014.  I created this website to use as a place to put my labs and maps for GIS-580 Internet GIS / Spatial Databases class, taught by Jeff Reed. Choose the link “Labs” to see the three labs required for this course.

My site also serves as a GIS portfolio.  I have recently attained my S-341 Certificate for GISS Trainee after completing the GISS Introductory Class and the S-341 Class in Sacramento (May 2019).  I am now a GIS Specialist – Trainee who is authorized to work State and Federal fires and incidents.  I would like to get onto an Incident Management Team to deploy with.  I have posted samples of some of my practice fire maps under the GISS Fire Maps tab.  Thanks for viewing my site!

Contact Information:

email:  cmray@42northgis.com
C. Michelle Ray
PO Box 820
Alturas, CA  96101

C. Michelle Ray